Sondra Celli Was Kostet Ein Kleid?

Bei dieser Designerin kann ein Kleid gerne schon mal 20 Kilo wiegen und mit Glitzersteinchen im Wert von 18.000 Euro ausgestattet sein.

Who is Sondra Celli?

Sondra Celli is a design phenom. Step into the spotlight wearing a custom Sondra Celli, and no matter what the occasion, you will stand out in a crowd. Sondra Celli dominates with her inspired and inventive genius for design.

What makes Sondra Celli’s designs irresistible?

Irresistible. Sondra Celli’s free-spirited Gypsy-inspired designs are fashion alchemy mixing sumptuous colors, extravagant fabrics, and ornate embellishments to create mind-blowingly distinctive designs that are unequalled. Accessories

Can I learn Bling techniques from Sondra Celli?

Now you can learn bling techniques that Sondra uses in her shop! Pick up a Sondra Celli Bling Kit and start embellishing your wardrobe with sparkling crystals. Kit contains instructions and all you need to ‘bling it on’ at home. Click Here

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